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Saturday, December 3rd, 2005
I can't believe I'm finally doing it. Im taking a biiiggg long break off of myspace. That stupid idiot deleted me. That just got me pissed as fuck. He needs to listen to that song by OK GO, "Get Over It." Or maybe I do....? I don't know, I like being his friend.......BUT I KNOW WHY I CARE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its because he's ignoring me!!!! Duh....How could I not figure that out. He's soooooo oserto;ewiureowiurowe;iytewohl;fsdkghs;ldfgh; though. Just cause I told him I already had a bf he tells me Im horrible and acts like a faggot. Oh well. James is 1627465974157949 times better.

Tony, why dont you join Dustin and Jeremy in HELL!!!!!

current mood: cynical

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Thursday, December 1st, 2005
1:11 pm - I SWEAR I DIDN'T SKIP!
Well, here I am. At home. No, I did not go to school today, I'm sort of feeling sick...:( I get paid tomorrow!!! Woohoo!!! I hope that they don't make me work on saturday....because I have another date!! =) yay!!
If they do, I guess I'll call in sick again. Sheesh, that store sucks. Anyways my flat bar is here finally! But I still haven't skated it. I'll probably go out later today and skate it. I can't wait! It's gonna be freaking sweet!!!!! Wow, Im sooo hungry, but there's nothing that I want here, it's all chips and that garbage. yuck. oh well I'll find something eventually. I sort of wish I'd gone to school today, so I could be in history class doing work. I <3 history!! Its fun.

OMG!!! yesterday I told Tony that I already had a bf and he got pretty upset. I was starting to think he wasn't gonna talk to me anymore or hang out with us after school outside. But him and his loser cousin came. I thought they were gonna end up beating me up again! I still have the other bruises and they hurt pretty bad. The worse thing they did was, Tony sat on me and DJ was trying to spit on me, but Tony was hitting him and telling him to go away. I swear they are fucking weirdos. Yesterday I saw Harry Potter And The Goblet of fire, and let me tell you this, I was pretty awesome. It was pretty short though, I don't know why everyone said it was soo long. It still wasn't as good as the 3rd book though. I never got to see that movie. I will though, one day. Okay, well Im out to lunch now, so peace! =D

current mood: bored

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Monday, November 28th, 2005
12:30 am
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haha, it speaks the truth....

current mood: cheerful

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12:19 am - WOW!! IM HAPPY?
I haven't been this happy in a while....I mean, I am usually happy partly because there is really no reason to be depressed. But I mean I'm like uber happy! I just got a new bf!!! James!! He's soo great. He doesn't seem to care that I'm a big weirdo either!! Yay!! Go Soleil!! So anyways, we went to see the Johnny Cash movie, on saturday. That was a really really good movie. Well I thought so. I lost and gained his respect just from watching that. I already listened to his music, but now I just want to hear more of it. I wasn't sure if they were gonna play "Ring Of Fire." But they did! xD Guess what?!?!? I got my new flat bar. How awesomenessational is that?? Now Im gonna skate it tomorrow! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Well Im off to bed!tchao

current mood: optimistic

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Thursday, November 24th, 2005
12:16 pm - FUCKING SWEET!

my pet!

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Hello, whoever decided to read this. This is yes, my second journal. I decided to open a new one because my other one was starting to sound kind of emo, and I'm not a fan of emo in the least bit. Well, so today's Thanksgiving, but instead of helping with the cooking I decided to skate. So while I was out skating, I found this sweet about 5.5 ft gap, or it was probably a little bigger because I laid down in it to get an estimate to brag to people later about how I cleared that gap. But yeah, I didn't clear it. I tried it like 296416548752187 times. And no. I kept landing half way on and half way off on the other side, but hey, its better than landing in the middle. Fo sho'. Then I skated to some stairs so I could work on half cabs..that went pretty well I'd say. Okay well, I am being temporarily banished from online so goodbye.

current mood: gloomy

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